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Katharsis / Deathcult > Trident Trinity
Katharsis / Deathcult - Trident Trinity

Katharsis discography (misc)
< Determination, Detestation, Devastation / Dawn of a New Order
Black Metal Endsieg I
Katharsis discography (all)
< Determination, Detestation, Devastation / Dawn of a New Order
Deathcult discography (all)
< ...and Heaven Spits Blood

Trident Trinity

Katharsis / Deathcult

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Sombre Records
100 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Deathcult - Lust - Bestial Rise 01:21  
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2. Deathcult - Hell Wicked Slut 03:31  
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3. Deathcult - Storm of Magog 03:02  
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4. Deathcult - Havoc Sceptre 05:55  
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5. Deathcult - Demon of Darkness 02:27  
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6. Deathcult - Black Magic (Slayer cover) 02:56   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Katharsis - The Rising 04:28  
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8. Katharsis - Infernal 02:34  
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9. Katharsis - Murder in the Halls of Heaven 02:40  
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10. Katharsis - Awakening of Eternity 04:07  
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11. Katharsis - Armageddon / An Iron Flame 02:02  
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12. Katharsis - Lacerating the Angels 03:17  
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13. Katharsis - I.N.R.I. 01:57  
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14. Katharsis - Carpe Noctem 01:21  
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Drakh Guitars, Vocals
Scorn Bass, Guitars
M. K. Drums
M.K. Drums
Scorn Guitars
Drakh Bass, Vocals
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The Katharsis material is mostly the same as on the "Terror, Storm and Darkest Arts" cassette, with two extra tracks.
The Deathcult material is taken directly from their "...And Heaven Spits Blood" cassette.

Officially limited and hand-numbered to 100 copies, but the label kept selling it after running out of numbers, writing "Promo" into the number field instead. Those are not promo copies however, but have been sold regularly.

Most copies sold on second hand markets nowadays are bootlegs made of the tape, as it seemingly was very easily to imitate and bootleg.

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