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Death SS > The Story of Death SS Vol. 2
Death SS - The Story of Death SS Vol. 2
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The Story of Death SS 1977-1984

The Story of Death SS Vol. 2

Death SS

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1. Black Mummy (Demo 1981) 05:04  
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2. Black Mummy (Demo 1982) 05:38  
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3. Black and Violet (Live) (Only on CD) 05:26  
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4. I Love the Dead (Demo 1981) 03:15  
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5. Black Mummy (Live Palasport, Pesaro 24/04/81) 04:43  
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6. The Hanged Ballad (Demo 1979) 06:14  
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7. Zombie (Demo 1981) 05:35  
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8. Cursed Mama (Live Palasport, Pesaro 24/04/81) 04:01  
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9. Kings of Evil (Demo 1982) 04:58  
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10. Come to the Sabbath (Live in the '80s) (Only on CD) 05:14  
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11. Murder Angels (Live) (Only on CD) 08:42  
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Steve Sylvester Vocals (lead)
Paul Chain Guitars
Thomas Hand Chaste Drums
Claud Galley Guitars (rhythm), Bass
Danny Hughes Bass
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Demo Tape distributed in exclusive for the Paul Chain Official Fan Club of Druento (Turin).
CD version contains more songs.

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