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Death SS > The Cursed Singles
Death SS - The Cursed Singles
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Chains of Death

The Cursed Singles

Death SS

Boxed set
Release date:
Catalog ID:
AV 012
Avantgarde Music
7" vinyl
None yet
1. Zombie / Terror   Show disc notes
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2. The Night of the Witch   Show disc notes
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3. Profanation   Show disc notes
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4. In the Darkness / The Mandrake Root   Show disc notes
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Released as a 7" boxed set.

These singles are based on old ideas from the 1977-1982 period but were actually recorded in 1993, during the recording sessions of Steve Sylvester's first solo album (with Paul Chain and the other early Death SS members) and were never first released in the 80s, as is widely believed.

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