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Death Room > Violate the New Born
Death Room - Violate the New Born
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Violate the New Born

Death Room

Release date:
August 1993
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Destrudo 03:32  
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2. Jeffrey Dahlmer 01:13  
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3. Ausiz 01:54  
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4. The Pervert 01:32  
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5. Nature's Been Raped 01:14  
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6. Blood 02:46  
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7. Impotent Minds 02:33  
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8. Violate the New Born 01:53  
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9. Holiday Erectus 00:27  
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Murat Çolbıyık Drums
Hakan Nurcanlı Vocals, Guitars, Bass on "Impotent Minds"
Tolga Yenilmez Bass
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At least 3 different cover designs exist for this demo tape. One has a normal written death room logo, while others have the same cover but slightly different tape designs. Some have the live extremity as bonus on B side.

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