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Death Beast > Prophecies of Doom: The Demos 2002-2004
Death Beast - Prophecies of Doom: The Demos 2002-2004
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Prophecies of Doom: The Demos 2002-2004

Death Beast

Release date:
July 13th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Pro CD-R
Unsung Heroes Records
None yet
1. Apocalypse Metal  
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2. Thunder of Armageddon  
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3. Death Beast  
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4. Blood of Dionysus  
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5. Disintegrator/Incinerator  
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6. Metal Knights  
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7. Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)  
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8. Apocalypse Metal  
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9. Enslaved Cadavers  
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10. Here Comes the War  
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11. Enslaved Cadavers  
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12. Invoking Villainy  
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13. Every Church Shall Burn  
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14. Agent of the Reaper  
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Tracks 1-7 are the Apocalypse Metal demo (2002) along with three covers from the same session. Ironfist is the vocalist.

Tracks 8-10 feature Juggernaut as vocalist. The first two are rehearsal tracks, and the third is an alternate take from the album "The Wakening".

Tracks 11-14 were rehearsal tracks recorded for vocalist auditions. Guide vocals were added by Evicerator to give the prospective vocalists an idea of how the lines were supposed to go.

Released in July 2007 on Pro CD-R (thermal print discs, pro-duplicated covers).

Recording information:

All instrumental tracks recorded in Bloody Leg Studios II, Covington GA (USA).


CDR Catalog No.: UHR079

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