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Death Aura > The Horn of Monocerus
Death Aura - The Horn of Monocerus
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The Horn of Monocerus

Death Aura

Release date:
March 17th, 2010
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. The Horn of Monocerus 06:30   Show lyrics
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2. Brevity 06:00   Show lyrics
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Band members
Claustrophobist Everything
Constantine Demertzis Guitars (acoustic)
Claustrophobist Everything
Constantine Demertzis Guitars (acoustic)
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After almost 3 years of silence, Death Aura 'reset' the clock, altering the plans for the trilogy by introducing the first (and so far only) release outside the 'Aura of Death' concept.

The release is considered separate from other Death Aura material, though it musically resembles a combination of the debut demo with some more musical experimentation.

The Horn of Monocerus written by Claustrophobist.
Brevity written by Claustrophobist & Constantine Demertzis.

The track 'Brevity' was also released as part of a split with Daunenskalpel titled: 'L'érosion de la brièveté'


1. Brevity (Death Aura) 6:00
2. An Erosion (Daunenskalpel) 5:00

Total Running Time of the split: 11'

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