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Live tape #2


Release date:
November 9th, 1984
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 72%)
1. Mantas 03:49   Show lyrics
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2. Summoned to Die 02:50   Show lyrics
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3. Evil Dead 03:46   Show lyrics
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4. Beyond the Unholy Grave 03:43   Show lyrics
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5. Reign of Terror 02:46   Show lyrics
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6. Power of Darkness 03:47   Show lyrics
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7. Poison (Venom cover) 04:02   Show lyrics
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8. Corpse Grinder 04:12   Show lyrics
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9. Legion of Doom 03:27   Show lyrics
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10. Zombie 04:22  
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11. Witch of Hell 02:51   Show lyrics
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12. Slaughterhouse 03:23  
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13. Death by Metal 02:23  
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Rick Rozz Guitars
Kam Lee Drums, Vocals
Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P. 2001) Guitars, Vocals
Read Interesting, at the very least 72% Cronos12390 November 21st, 2007

Officially released by the band as a live demo.

The band at the time was called Mantas, but by the time they got around to releasing the demo, they had changed their name to Death.

Recording information:

Recorded live in Tampa, 11/09/1984.

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