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Deadly Mosh > United by Pain
Deadly Mosh - United by Pain
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United by Pain

Deadly Mosh

Release date:
December 22nd, 2014
Catalog ID:
EBM Records
None yet
1. Altar of Pain 03:19   Show lyrics
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2. Claws of Fear 03:26   Show lyrics
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3. On the Fields of Glory 04:24   Show lyrics
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4. Hatred 04:11   Show lyrics
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5. Thousand Tons of Metal 04:29   Show lyrics
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6. Self-Destruction 03:57   Show lyrics
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7. The Haunted 03:29   Show lyrics
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8. United by Pain 03:29   Show lyrics
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Band members
Priestkiller Vocals
RapidBastard Bass
Luka Milošević Guitars
Vojin Ratković Drums
Branislav Blagojević Guitars (lead)
Miscellaneous staff
Ivan Ilić Recording, Mixing
Branislav Blagojević Guitars (lead)
Ivan Ilić Recording, Mixing
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Recording information:

Recorded and mixed from October 2013 untill June 2014 in Garage Studio ( Kragujevac, Serbia ) by Ivan Ilic "Cili".

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