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Dead of Night > Promotional CD
Dead of Night - Promotional CD

Promotional CD

Dead of Night

Release date:
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1. Cold Embrace 02:36  
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2. Season of the Witch 03:01  
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3. Undead Awakening 03:45  
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4. Well of Deception 04:53  
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Band members
Matt Sorg Guitars
Wayne Richards Guitars
Randy Scott Bass
Chris Dora Drums
Duane Morris Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Bill Korecky Engineering
Matt Sorg Guitars
Wayne Richards Guitars
Randy Scott Bass
Chris Dora Drums
Duane Morris Vocals
Bill Korecky Engineering
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Track 5 is hidden. The 2018 Konyafest III exclusive reissue (limited to 50 copies) omitted the hidden track.

Two different original 1999 covers exist. Some copies (with this cover, and some with the other cover) include 3 bonus live tracks. See the other Version listing for the other cover, and for the tracklist for the copies with live tracks included.

Although their are 2 different covers the live bonus tracks can be found on some copies of either cover, while most copies of both covers only include the 1 studio-recorded hidden track.

The hidden live tracks were recorded on the final day of the 2-day Chuck Schuldiner Benefit concert at The Phantasy Nite Club in Cleveland, Ohio, which went from August 31st 2001 to September 1st, 2001. Dead of Night's set actually was forced to be cut short that night, and the 3 live songs included as hidden bonus tracks are actually the entire set that was played that night.

Recording information:

Recorded in March of 2001 at Mars Recording Studios, in Cleveland, Ohio.
Engineered by Bill Korecky and Dead of Night.

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