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Dawn of Azazel > The Law of the Strong
Dawn of Azazel - The Law of the Strong
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The Law of the Strong

Dawn of Azazel

Release date:
January 2004
Catalog ID:
Agonia Records
3 reviews (avg. 86%)
1. Conqueror Throned 03:53   Show lyrics
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2. Triumph upon Equinox 04:04   Show lyrics
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3. Victory (Iniquity Guides My Blade) 04:56   Show lyrics
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4. I Stand Unconquered 03:42   Show lyrics
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5. Conflagration of the Mortal Soul 02:15   Show lyrics
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6. Justice Is a Fist 08:25   Show lyrics
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7. Immortal Dominance 02:41   Show lyrics
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8. Monarch of Bloodshed and Eternal Victory (Solar Invictus) 07:07   Show lyrics
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Joseph Bonnet Guitars
Rigel Walshe Bass, Vocals
Phil Osborne Drums
Tony Angelov Guitars
Read Great, but an extremely... 70% Necropsychotic May 31st, 2009
Read Brutal war metal at its best 94% dextromethorphanman December 10th, 2005
Read Crush Your Enemies! See... 95% chaossphere March 10th, 2004

The album was scheduled for release in October 2003, but was delayed due to errors at the CD manufacturing facility. It was eventually released in January 2004.

LP version includes bonus track "In Flagellation Of Eden"

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