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David Benson > Purpose of the Cross
David Benson - Purpose of the Cross
David Benson discography (main)
Premonition of Doom
David Benson discography (all)
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Premonition of Doom

Purpose of the Cross

David Benson

Release date:
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ATG Records
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1. Purpose of the Cross 03:19  
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2. Works 03:59  
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3. Second Coming 02:51   Show lyrics
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4. America Wake Up 03:59   Show lyrics
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5. Shout 02:53  
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6. Give In 03:50   Show lyrics
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7. Holy Psychotherapy 03:56  
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8. Revelation Man 03:37   Show lyrics
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9. We Are One 02:58  
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10. Faith 03:49   Show lyrics
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Chris Grey Guitars
David Benson Vocals
Jr. Moore Bass, Keyboards
Trevor Van Etten Drums
Dale Greer Guitars
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Remastered and expanded version released 2011 by Intense Millennium Records.

Musicians on re-release:

David Benson: Vocals, Melodies
Chris Grey Guitars
Lee Paddgett: Drums
Mark Shelby: Bass
Keith Trevor: Bass
Eddie West: Guitars, Keyboards
Bryn Wilson: Guitars

Demo bonus tracks (featuring Mick Rowe).

11. Crushing the Dark Cathedral (3:07)
12. Dark Star (4:23)
13. Dear Aleister (3:29)

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