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The Mark of the Judas

Darkest Hour

Release date:
September 25th, 2000
Catalog ID:
Art Monk Construction
1 review (avg. 83%)
1. For the Soul of the Savior 06:01   Show lyrics
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2. A Blessing in Tragedy 03:06   Show lyrics
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3. The Legacy 03:42   Show lyrics
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4. Part II 02:31   instrumental
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5. Eclipse 04:56   Show lyrics
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6. The Mark of the Judas 04:38   Show lyrics
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7. Escape Artist 04:33   Show lyrics
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8. Messiah Complex 04:28   Show lyrics
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9. How the Beautiful Decay 07:14   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mike Schleibaum Guitars
John Henry Vocals
Ryan Parrish Drums
Billups Allen Bass
Fred Ziomek Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Brian McTernan Producer
Brian McTernan Producer
Read americans play swedish... 83% ironasinmaiden May 30th, 2003
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