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Dark Tranquillity > The Dying Fragments
Dark Tranquillity - The Dying Fragments
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The Dying Fragments

Dark Tranquillity

Release date:
October 30th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited Edition
Century Media Records
333 copies
None yet
1. Only Time Can Tell [Rehearsal, Billdal 1991] 06:17  
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2. The Dying Fragment of an Elderly Dream [Valvet, Gothenburg 1991] 04:06  
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3. Soulbreed [Ljungskile 1991] 07:07  
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4. Yesterworld [Musikens Hus, Gothenburg 1992] 07:33   Show lyrics
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5. Alone [Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992] 05:53   Show lyrics
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6. My Faeryland Forgotten [Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992] 04:35   Show lyrics
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7. Nightfall by the Shore of Time [Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992] 05:19   Show lyrics
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8. Skywards [Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992] 04:46   Show lyrics
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9. Shadow Duet [Karlstad 1994] 06:49   Show lyrics
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10. Crimson Winds [Karlstad 1994] 04:46   Show lyrics
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11. Razorfever [Rotterdam, Holland 1997] 03:10   Show lyrics
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12. Constant [Rotterdam, Holland 1997] 03:22   Show lyrics
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13. Tongues [Rotterdam, Holland 1997] 04:53   Show lyrics
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Will be given for free to the visitors of the "Where Death Is Most Alive"-release party on 30th of October 2009. The party will take place in a cinema in Gothenburg.

All tracks are taken from the live videos of the second disc of Dark Tranquillity's latest DVD release.

Track two is previously unreleased.

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