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Dark Sermon > Aimless
Dark Sermon - Aimless
Dark Sermon discography (misc)
Imperfect Contrition
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Imperfect Contrition


Dark Sermon

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1. Defeated 02:13   Show lyrics
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2. Dreameater 02:51   Show lyrics
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3. Aimless 03:28   Show lyrics
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4. Bloodline 04:17   Show lyrics
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5. To Those of Faith 04:17   Show lyrics
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Previously released in physical and digital format under the band's old name In Reference to a Sinking Ship. Rereleased as a digital-only version with makeshift artwork through Bandcamp after the name change to Dark Sermon in 2012. Despite the lack of an actual title on the cover artwork, the EP was still sold under the title Aimless before the deletion of the EP from their Bandcamp.

After the release of Dark Sermon's debut album In Tongues, the EP was subsequently removed from their Bandcamp.

Because the songs are technically In Reference to a Sinking Ship songs, they carry a primarily metalcore sound and not the band's later blackened death style.

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