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D.S.K. > Anything to Add ?
D.S.K. - Anything to Add ?
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Anything to Add ?


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
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1. In Cold Blood  
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2. Repudiate  
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3. Chrysalis  
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4. My Eyes Are Corrupted  
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5. Forever Lost  
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6. Death K  
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7. Policy of Worst  
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8. My Fist  
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9. En la Ciudad  
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10. With My Organs  
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Band members
Nicolas Boury Vocals
Marc Le Gigan Drums
Benoît Moritz Guitars
Pierre Antonik Guitars
Kévin Lebas Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Axel Wursthorn Engineering (track 6-8)
Benoît Woritz Engineering (track 9-10)
Axel Wursthorn Engineering (track 6-8)
Benoît Woritz Engineering (track 9-10)
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Promotional CD-R given as a gift by the band at the gigs or along with orders through their mail-order list.

Possibly released, distributed or otherwise related to Aberrant Productions.

Includes two videos:
1) "Death K"
2) "Policy of Worst"

Track 06-08 are listed as follows on the back cover (spelling error included):
"Death K (with vocals)"
"Policy of Worst (different vocals, without overdubs)"
"My Fist (complete druming session, one guitar sample)"

Recording information:

Tracks 01-05 recorded live in France, February 2000.
Tracks 06-08 engineered by Axel Wursthorn, October 2003.
Tracks 09-10 engineered by BenoƮt Woritz, May 2002.

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