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Czarnobog > Years of Unlight Compilation 2012-2013
Czarnobog - Years of Unlight Compilation 2012-2013
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Years of Unlight Compilation 2012-2013


Release date:
December 10th, 2016
Catalog ID:
D.R. 16
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Dark Ritual
100 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Spádómur af þeim nornir  
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2. Im Nebelwald  
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3. Am Ende der Existenz  
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4. Die Sehnsucht nach dem Frost  
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5. Winter of Mara  
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Side B
6. Curse of the Pagan Magian  
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7. Czarnobog  
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8. Realm of the Dark God  
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9. God of Sacrifice and Slavonic Darkness  
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Mûrazôr Everything
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This compilation contains songs from 2012-2013 which were never released on any material source. This includes the first Demo from 2012.

Track 1-2: taken from "Demo" 2012
Track 3-4: taken from "Czarnobog" 2012
Track 5-8: taken from "The Saga of Czarnobog" 2013
Track 9: Bonus Track 2013

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