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Release date:
Catalog ID:
UBR 60006-2
Unmatched Brutality Records
2 reviews (avg. 45%)
1. Ditchpig 00:37   Show lyrics
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2. Jesus Sold Me a Bunk Eight 01:08   Show lyrics
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3. Mary Had a Little Clam 00:47   Show lyrics
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4. Crucifixion Must Hurt like a Bitch 01:26   Show lyrics
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5. Vaginal Bloodfarts 01:24   Show lyrics
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6. Jesus Was a Facepainter 01:09   Show lyrics
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7. I Had to Break Up with Your Mom 00:36   Show lyrics
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8. In the Sea of Heavy Metal, You Are Plankton 00:49   Show lyrics
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9. Let's Pretend I'm the Pope 00:56  
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10. Jesus Was an Angry Drunk 01:39   Show lyrics
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11. God Owes Me Money 01:29  
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12. Phlegm Phlagm 01:02  
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13. Jehova Probe 01:05   Show lyrics
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14. Yahweh Is My Mom 01:01  
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15. Ripping at the Flesh of Jesus Christ 00:38   Show lyrics
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16. I Spell God C.U.N.T. 00:50   Show lyrics
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17. Battery Acid Enema 01:37  
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18. My Toothless Bitch 09:47  
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Buttwrench Guitars, Bass, Kazoo, Vocals (backing)
Pudhammer Drums, Percussion
Tom Tangalos Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Jeff Jahnz Vocals
Jimmy "One Take" Guitars (lead)
Dirty Sanchez Vocals
McGoat Vocals
Scrote Vocals (lead)
Read ANAL CUNT, eat your heart out 70% doomknocker March 23rd, 2009
Read A 28 Minnute Jack Off Session 20% Vega360 April 21st, 2007

Recording information:

Recorded between 10/31/99 and 10/31/00 at 35th St. Studios, Chicago.
Mixed 4/15/01 at Studio One, Racine, Wisconsin.
Mastered at Colossal Mastering and Monsterdisc, Chicago.
Produced by Cumchrist.


Barcode: 826516000620
Matrix / Runout: 14-Jan . 5818 DGR INC SO#30737

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