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Eternal Music

Cult of Luna

Release date:
May 23rd, 2014
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Pelagic Records
12" vinyl
1000 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Gingin  
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2. Jämmerdalen  
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3. Varken dur eller moll  
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4. Valsen  
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5. Mors tema  
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6. Elddansen  
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7. Maran  
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8. Harlägen  
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Side B
9. Skogens häst  
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10. Petterssons ackord  
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11. Om igen  
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12. Gitarrarpeggio  
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13. Ekokammarn  
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14. Nord  
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Magnus Líndberg Guitars, Percussion
Johannes Persson Guitars, Vocals
Erik Olòfsson Guitars
Andreas Johansson Bass
Thomas Hedlund Drums
Anders Teglund Sampler, Synthesizer, Trumpet
Fredrik Kihlberg Guitars, Vocals
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This release is the audio-only version, without the narration, of DVD audiobook Eviga Riket released in 2010.

- 500 copies on black vinyl
- 500 copies on black/gold vinyl

Comes with a silk-screened cover, printed in metallic gold ink on thick 500gsm cardboard.

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