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None So Vile


Release date:
July 3rd, 1996
Catalog ID:
WAR 009
Wrong Again Records
24 reviews (avg. 87%)
1. Crown of Horns 03:57   Show lyrics
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2. Slit Your Guts 04:02   Show lyrics
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3. Graves of the Fathers 04:11   Show lyrics
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4. Dead and Dripping 03:53   Show lyrics
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5. Benedictine Convulsions 04:00   Show lyrics
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6. Phobophile 04:38   Show lyrics
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7. Lichmistress 02:31   Show lyrics
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8. Orgiastic Disembowelment 04:51   Show lyrics
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Band members
Lord Worm Vocals
Jon Levasseur Guitars
Éric Langlois Bass
Flo Mounier Drums, Vocals (backing)
Eric Fiset Vocals (backing)
Steve Thibault Vocals (backing)
Miscellaneous staff
Flo Mounier Photography, Logo
Simon Marsden (R.I.P. 2012) Photography
Pierre Rémillard Producer, Engineering
Lord Worm Vocals
Jon Levasseur Guitars
Éric Langlois Bass
Flo Mounier Drums, Vocals (backing)
Eric Fiset Vocals (backing)
Steve Thibault Vocals (backing)
Flo Mounier Photography, Logo
Simon Marsden (R.I.P. 2012) Photography
Pierre Rémillard Producer, Engineering
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Has been re-released on Displeased Records and Century Media Records.
Some re-release versions feature gold colored font for the logo / title, rather than silver as on the original.

Re-released on CD in 2012 by Hammerheart Records. These releases have the title misprinted on the spine as "None To Vile".
Reissued once again by Hammerheart Records on December 11 2013 as gatefold 12".
- Clear vinyl x100 copies (only available for direct purchase from Hammerheart Records).
- Regular black, blue splatter vinyl and picture disc limited to 300 copies each. 180 grams.
Also available on digipak CD.

The album starts with a sample from the movie The Exorcist III: Legion and ends with a sample from the movie Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness.

Front cover painting by Elisabetta Sirani (1638-1665): "Herodias, with head of John the Baptist".

Recording information:

Recorded at Victor Studio Montreal, December 1995 - January 1996.
Produced by Pierre Rémillard & Cryptopsy.


Barcode: 7 393412 016008
Matrix / Runout: CD PLANT AB WAR 009 CDM01
Mastering SID code: IFPI LB01
Mould SID code: IFPI 8406

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