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Cry of Silence > Walking Through the Eternal Tragedy
Cry of Silence - Walking Through the Eternal Tragedy
Cry of Silence discography (main)
Wandering Through Pagan Times
Cry of Silence discography (all)
< And the Wolves Are Howling My Name
Wandering Through Pagan Times

Walking Through the Eternal Tragedy

Cry of Silence

Release date:
November 3rd, 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Zyklon-B Productions
3 reviews (avg. 58%)
1. Raven's Sorrow 04:11   instrumental
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2. In My Dreams 08:02   Show lyrics
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3. In the Dark Side of Despair 05:36   Show lyrics
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4. Walking Through Eternal Tragedy 09:23   Show lyrics
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5. And I'm the Wolf Who Brings the Pain 06:19   Show lyrics
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6. In the Majesty of Death and Immortality 06:03   Show lyrics
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7. Pagan Worship 04:23   instrumental
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Granath All instruments, Vocals
Read Dry off silence 35% ponyovdoom February 7th, 2013
Read Mournful, unmoving towers... 58% autothrall September 8th, 2011
Read No Longer Crying In Silence. 80% Perplexed_Sjel November 17th, 2009

Hand-numbered copies. First 100 copies in digi-book A5 edition. Available also in tape format; limited to 250 hand-numbered copies.

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