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Cruachan > Nine Years of Blood
Cruachan - Nine Years of Blood
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Nine Years of Blood


Release date:
April 27th, 2018
Catalog ID:
TZ 072
Version desc.:
Trollzorn Records
None yet
1. I Am Tuan 02:37  
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2. Hugh O'Neill - Earl of Tyrone 04:37   Show lyrics
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3. Blood and Victory 04:43   Show lyrics
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4. Queen of War 06:16   Show lyrics
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5. The Battle of the Yellow Ford 04:50   Show lyrics
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6. Cath na BrioscaĆ­ 05:47   Show lyrics
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7. The Harp, the Lion, the Dragon and the Sword 05:28   Show lyrics
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8. An Ale Before Battle 00:28  
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9. Nine Years of Blood 01:35  
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10. The Siege of Kinsale 05:01   Show lyrics
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11. Flight of the Earls 04:06   Show lyrics
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12. Back Home in Derry 02:58   Show lyrics
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Keith Fay Vocals,, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Bodhrán, Keyboard, Tin Whistle, Mandolin, Bouzouki
John Ryan Violin, Cello, Bowed Bass
Eric Fletcher Bass
Mauro Frison Drums
Kieran Ball Guitars (acoustic), Guitars Electric
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"Nine Years of Blood" is the third and final episode of the "blood" trilogy.

Track 1, 'I Am Tuan' is a remake of a song with the same title from 'Tuatha na Gael', 1995.


Barcode: 404666153429

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