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Crimson Falls > Fragments of Awareness
Crimson Falls - Fragments of Awareness
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Downpours of Disapproval
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Downpours of Disapproval

Fragments of Awareness

Crimson Falls

Release date:
April 3rd, 2009
Catalog ID:
Genet Records
None yet
1. Forsaken 04:00   Show lyrics
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2. If I’d Become a Father 04:08   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Omen of Catastrophe 04:09   Show lyrics
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4. With All Due Respect 01:48   Show lyrics
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5. Sworn Persistence 02:53   Show lyrics
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6. The Suicide Circle 04:27   Show lyrics
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7. Cauterize Havoc 04:23   Show lyrics
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8. Cordoba 04:20   Show lyrics
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9. Solace 05:14   Show lyrics
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10. A Period of Consequences 04:03   Show lyrics
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11. Regenesis 04:56   Show lyrics
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Band members
Kristof Damen Guitars
Wim Jacobs Vocals
Tom Trancez Bass
Sigi Loots Drums
Ringo Van Dingenen Guitars
Bart Rafflesia Vocals (track 6)
Bart Rafflesia Vocals (track 6)
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Guest vocals:
- by Dominick & Didah It Breeds No More on "If I’d Become A Father".
- by Bart Rafflesia on "The Suicide Circle".

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