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Crimson Evenfall > Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum
Crimson Evenfall - Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum
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Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum

Crimson Evenfall

Release date:
October 1997
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. When Heaven Falls into the Darkness (Intro) 01:25  
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2. Through the Ocean of Times and Oblivion 05:25  
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3. Tuskan valtakuntaan... 04:47  
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Side B
4. Unholy Blood of Immortality 05:15  
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5. Throne of Sorcery 04:05  
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6. Endless Velvet Darkness 06:40  
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Thyrgrimmr Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Strigoi Mort Guitars
Krieg Bass
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Some copies released on tape with the addition of two tracks from the same session that weren't included on the official version:
7. Bringer of Ater (04:31)
8. Shadows of the Diabolical Holocaust (07:29)

This was the last demo the band released as Crimson Evenfall.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed between August and September 1997.

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