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Countess > Doomed to Live
Countess - Doomed to Live
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Into Battle
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Doomed to Live


Live album
Release date:
Catalog ID:
Thurisaz 005
None yet
1. Intro 01:51  
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2. Crossing the Fires of Darkness 04:31  
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3. Deisidaimonia 05:15  
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4. Highland Victory 06:54  
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5. Into Battle 02:43  
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6. Full Moon Baptism 06:43  
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7. The Silent Rose of Sin 03:46  
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8. Messenger of the Underworld (Alastis cover) 06:05  
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9. Doomed to Die 03:27  
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10. Bloed in de Sneeuw 05:06  
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11. Through the Endless Mist 05:16  
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12. Under the Sign of the Celtic Cross 05:07  
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13. Aleidis 03:53  
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14. Kneel Before the Master's Throne 04:22  
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15. Countess Bathory (Venom cover) 04:26   Show lyrics
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Orlok Vocals, Bass
Sablast Drums
Imogem Guitars
Othalaz Guitars
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Cassette Catalogue: Thurisaz 005

The first official live release of Countess. Songs on this tape come from the video record of the gig in Leiden (05.29.1994) made by Opyros, the owner of the Nazgul's Eyrie Productions.

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