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Corpsegrinder > Live Tape '91
Corpsegrinder discography (all)
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Live Tape '91


Live album
Release date:
June 4th, 1991
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Begining of the End  
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2. Die in the Slaughter  
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3. Altered Conscience  
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4. Crucified  
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5. Inextremis (Calling of Death)  
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6. Religion Breeds Hate  
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7. Consumed by the Underworld  
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8. Last Judgement  
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9. Malfunction  
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10. Consumed by the Underworld  
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11. Beginning of the End  
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12. Die in the Slaughter  
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13. Religion Breeds Hate  
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14. Last Judgement  
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15. Brutally Nutered  
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This release is the only one made by the band which was not considered a demo; it is also the second of three releases made before Corpsegrinder disbanded.

The tracks on the A-side of this tape consist of live tracks from Club K's, Essex, Md.
The B-side consists of advance tracks plus an extra studio track which was supposed to be a 'joke song'.

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