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Release date:
October 1st, 2010
Catalog ID:
ASH 075 CD
Version desc.:
Super jewel box
Pulverised Records
2 reviews (avg. 55%)
1. Nocturnal Hunters 05:58  
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2. Ouverture 01:38   instrumental
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3. Black Mass 06:13  
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4. End of Religion 04:56  
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5. Pentagram 03:44  
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6. The Invocation of Hecate 05:14  
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7. Irremediable 07:01  
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8. The Hag 04:29  
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9. Armageddon Broke 05:17  
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10. A Dream of Fear 05:51  
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11. Carpathian Sunset 01:04   instrumental
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12. Bukovina 05:31  
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Band members
Al Hazred All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting
Dirk Verbeuren Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Commander Warmaster Necrodaemon Cover design
Pär Johansson Logo
Al Hazred All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting
Read CONSPIRACY: "Irremediable" 30% skaven November 23rd, 2011
Read A Conspiracy Turned Undead 79% GuntherTheUndying January 1st, 2011

Cover art is based on the painting of FĂ©licien Rops (1833-1898).

Recording information:

Recorded in the winter of 2009-2010 at Q-Sonic Studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Some of the songs feature pre-recorded performances of Dirk Verbeuren from "the Library of the Extreme" released by Toontrack

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