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Live in Norway


Release date:
Catalog ID:
SOM 127
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Metalbox
Season of Mist
None yet
1. Collapse into Despair  
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2. Cross the Bar  
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3. Prepare Yourself  
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4. The Downside  
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5. Sour Times  
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6. Uncontrolled  
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7. Wig Stand  
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8. Eve of Salvation  
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9. Suffer  
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Bonus features include:

- Wig Stand Video
- The Making Of The Wig Stand Video
- Studio Footage From The Recording Of Unraveled
- Method To The Madness - Song Deconstruction With Drummer Steve Shelton

Thus far, "Live in Norway" is the only official video release by Confessor.

Recording information:

Filmed in late September at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway.

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