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Conducting from the Grave

Release date:
October 26th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Sumerian Records
3 reviews (avg. 63%)
1. And Our War Will Dawn 04:28   Show lyrics
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2. The Tyrant's Throne 03:37   Show lyrics
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3. Unholiest of Nightmares 04:26   Show lyrics
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4. Her Poisoned Tongues 03:47   Show lyrics
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5. Path of a Traitor 04:00   Show lyrics
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6. Nevermore 04:05   Show lyrics
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7. We Who Shall Conquer 04:22   Show lyrics
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8. Curse in the Twilight 04:53   Show lyrics
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9. Revenants 03:30   Show lyrics
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10. What Monsters We Have Become (Pt.1) 04:53   Show lyrics
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11. What Monsters We Have Become (Pt.2) 02:19   Show lyrics
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Band members
Steven Lovas Bass
Greg Donnelly Drums
John Abernathy Guitars
Jeff Morgan Guitars
Mikey Powell Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Zack Ohren Producer
Zack Ohren Producer
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Read Hmm... I'm okay with this 80% Thrash_Tard666 October 4th, 2011

Recording information:

Recorded at Castle Ultimate, Fremont, CA in March 2010
Vocals recorded and engineered at Trash Rocket Studios, Sherman oaks, CA in September 2010
Mixed and Mastered at Castle Ultimate


Barcode: 894587001372

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