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Gate of Triumph

Concerto Moon

Release date:
August 8th, 2001
Catalog ID:
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1. Waiting for the Coming Strike 01:22   instrumental
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2. To Die For 05:42   instrumental
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3. Over and Over 05:20  
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4. Gate of Triumph 04:46   instrumental
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5. Tears of the Prayers 05:52   instrumental
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6. Ambitions and Lies 04:11  
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7. To Always Be Myself 06:45  
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8. Suffering 02:42   instrumental
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9. Everlasting Nightmare 09:57   instrumental
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10. Alone in Paradise '01 04:47  
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11. Take You to the Moon '01 04:39  
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Band members
Takashi Inoue Vocals
Norifumi Shima Guitars
Kohsaku Mitani Bass
Ichiro Nagai Drums
Toshiyuki Koike Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Atsushi Mouri Mastering
Yasuhide Okuyama Recording, Mixing
Atsushi Mouri Mastering
Yasuhide Okuyama Recording, Mixing
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Released as Norifumi Shima with Concerto Moon.

Originally intended to be released as a Shima solo album, but was instead released as a Concerto Moon album.

"Alone in the Paradise '01" and "Take You to the Moon '01" are remakes of the originals from Fragments of the Moon, featuring all-English lyrics and different guitar leads. Shima considers these to be superior to the originals, and two of the most popular songs by the band.

For "Everlasting Nightmare", the man screaming in the beginning is someone from the record label. When Concerto Moon recorded basic tracks and gave them to Vap, they said it would be good if someone screamed in the beginning of that song. None of them could do it good enough, so Vap found someone capable of doing it right.

Recording information:

Recorded and Mixed at King Sekiguchidai Studio.


Barcode: 4988021813761

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