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Communion > Demo I
Communion - Demo I
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Fire Worship

Demo I


Release date:
October 2008
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 40%)
Side A
1. Black Metal Dagger 03:47   Show lyrics
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Side B
2. Glorify the Dark 03:52  
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Band members
Hellavenger Guitars
Deathmessiah Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Butcher of Christ Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Daniel Corcuera Artwork
Hellavenger Guitars
Deathmessiah Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Butcher of Christ Drums
Daniel Corcuera Artwork
Read Two songs, less than eight... 40% oneyoudontknow March 24th, 2009

A comment from the band about the bootlegging:
"When we released that demo we sent to print 1.000 covers (black/light orange); 500 with "Black Metal Dagger" Lyrics and 500 with "Glorify The Dark" lyrics and loads of flyers (black/white) maybe 6.000... to be spread upon the souls who are really into the underground. We gave to the printer the paper for both (covers & flyers). The printer committed a mistake. He printed COMMUNION covers using all the paper. So we had about 3.000 covers in our hands (white and orange). We pressed around 300 tapes and packed them with the light orange covers. We sold out/traded them quite fast , maybe it took just a bunch of weeks.

When we wanted to press more, the press plant was closed down forever. They were quality tapes. So, the rest of covers (+ master CDR ) were sent to many close comrades for free (or some times in trade).

If you know how an offset print looks like, you will notice if you have a xerox/photocopied or a laser print cover copy (which we never did). There are a lot of possibilities that labels are spreading OFFICIAL copies packed with BLACK/WHITE covers sent by some of our comrades who were free to do whatever they wanted with them."

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at DM6 by Hateaxes Command, except voice at Etagord by L.G..

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