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Clutch Mental Hospital > Sonic the Hedgefuck
Clutch Mental Hospital - Sonic the Hedgefuck

Clutch Mental Hospital discography (all)
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Sonic the Hedgefuck

Clutch Mental Hospital

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Valley of Death Records
None yet
1. Return of the Mucu  
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2. Zoo of Handicaps  
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3. Cervix Burrito  
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4. Menstrual Kebabness  
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5. Rat Cock Invasion  
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6. Butchering the Gay  
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7. Super fast Sonic Song  
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8. Turbo Kunt (Fuck You Britney)  
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9. Masturbating at the Scab  
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10. Sonic the Hedgefuck  
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11. Explosing Nuclear Fart Reactor  
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12. Immune to Orgasm  
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P. Purulent Drums, Vocals, Bass
Gore K. Throat Rot Guitars, Vocals
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