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Cloven Hoof - Fighting Back
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Fighting Back

Cloven Hoof

Live album
Release date:
Catalog ID:
CH 002
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
2 reviews (avg. 74%)
Side A
1. Reach for the Sky 08:02   Show lyrics
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2. The Fugitive 05:16   Show lyrics
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3. Daughter of Darkness (Tom Jones cover) 04:26   Show lyrics
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4. Heavy Metal Men of Steel 08:03   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Raised on Rock 04:48   Show lyrics
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6. Break it Up 04:26   Show lyrics
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7. Could This Be Love? 04:02   Show lyrics
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8. Eye of the Sun 05:58   Show lyrics
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Band members
Water Vocals
Fire Guitars
Air Bass
Earth Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Lee Payne Cover art
Water Vocals
Fire Guitars
Air Bass
Earth Drums
Lee Payne Cover art
Read Live without Audience 70% Vlladimir November 25th, 2007
Read It works! 77% Corimngul November 6th, 2006

Issued with lyric sheet and poster.

A live album of all new songs. "Reach for the Sky" and "The Fugitive" were later re-recorded for the album "Dominator" and "Eye of the Sun" became the title track of their 2006 comeback album.

CD version includes The Opening Ritual as songs 1-4.

Recording information:

Recorded On The Mobile. UK & Europe. Produced by Air & Water.

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