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Cloud Rat / Republic of Dreams

Cloud Rat / Republic of Dreams

Release date:
Catalog ID:
MOC038 / IFB054
Moment of Collapse Records
12" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Cloud Rat - Burning Doe 02:08   Show lyrics
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2. Cloud Rat - Parachute 00:51   Show lyrics
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3. Cloud Rat - Stench of Sage 01:50   Show lyrics
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4. Cloud Rat - Keba 01:39   Show lyrics
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5. Cloud Rat - Moving Mouths 01:02   Show lyrics
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6. Cloud Rat - Astronomy 02:42   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Republic of Dreams - There's No Bullshitting Here  
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8. Republic of Dreams - Your Fahrenheit Is My Celsius 01:01  
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9. Republic of Dreams - An Enlightened Macho Is Still a Macho 00:51  
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10. Republic of Dreams - Franz K. Is (Not) My Bus Driver  
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11. Republic of Dreams - Dance Tonight, Revolution Every Day 01:02  
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12. Republic of Dreams - Shit Hits the Fan, but I'm Still Not the Asshole  
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13. Republic of Dreams - (Your) Banality Is Evil  
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Cloud Rat
Adrian Drums
Rorik Brooks Guitars
Madison Marshall Vocals
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LP released in 2012 by IFB Records, React with Protest, Moment of Collapse Records, and Fifty Year Storm Records.

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