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Cheerleader Concubine > Demo
Cheerleader Concubine - Demo

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Cheerleader Concubine

Release date:
July 6th, 2007
Catalog ID:
End of Music
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1. The Coldest Winter 01:40  
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2. I Made This Band So Emo Chicks Would Make Me Topless Fan Signs 00:25  
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3. For the Last Time, I'm Not Goth 00:30  
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4. Intracervical Insemination 00:21  
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5. Your Momma Wishes She Was This Technical 00:42  
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6. Cheerleader Concubine 00:43  
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7. The Woman Whose Vagina Swallowed Whole the Earth in a State of Unconciousness, Thus Giving Birth to the Quasi-Subdimensional Region 00:43  
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8. This Song Is Worse than That Time I [Insert Hobbie] with [Random Obscure Celebrity] 00:48  
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9. I Wouldn't Have Sex With Paris Hilton Even If She Was Dead 00:48  
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10. Onwards to Minas Tirith: Sword, Bow, and Axe...Our Oath Has Been Fulfilled (A Tribute to Summoning) 01:06  
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Diana Garvin Vocals, Programming
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