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50 Shades of Shit

Chainsaw Penis

Release date:
July 16th, 2012
Catalog ID:
4 reviews (avg. 19%)
1. Intro (It's Not Doom) 01:11   Show lyrics
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2. Fanny like a Smashed Crab 00:08   Show lyrics
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3. Chainsaw Penis 01:04   Show lyrics
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4. Anally Raped with Rusty Heroin Needles 01:09   Show lyrics
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5. Penis Chainsaw 00:29   Show lyrics
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6. The Game 00:01   Show lyrics
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7. Punching Women Whilst Wearing a Bear Suit 01:13   Show lyrics
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8. Metal Is Gay 01:31   Show lyrics
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9. Fuck the X Factor 01:21   Show lyrics
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10. The Legend of Penis: Ocarina of Troll 05:47  
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Read Objectively terrible, but... 20% DismalFuture July 10th, 2013
Read Being flippant is not a... 10% MutantClannfear June 20th, 2013
Read Unbelievably terrible, but... 25% DomDomMCMG November 22nd, 2012
Read Gragggghhhhhhh. 20% ConorFynes November 19th, 2012

Written, rehearsed and recorded in two days, July 2012, York, United Kingdom.

Recording information:

Recorded at The Jam Factory studio, York.

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