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Chained and Desperate > Eleven Angles in a Circle
Chained and Desperate - Eleven Angles in a Circle
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Eleven Angles in a Circle

Chained and Desperate

Release date:
March 1999
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Night Ride Across the Owl Mountains 04:06   Show lyrics
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2. In Red Battle We Dance 03:31   Show lyrics
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3. Aten 04:01   Show lyrics
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4. As Day Grows Slow 04:43   Show lyrics
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5. Act One 02:37  
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6. In the Afterworld 04:04   Show lyrics
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7. Nut the Celestial Mother 03:42   Show lyrics
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8. Night 03:02   Show lyrics
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9. As Red as Blood 03:38  
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10. Awaiting for the Small Fires to Fall 03:21  
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11. The Eleventh Angle 04:37  
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George Pavlantis Drums
Panos Chained Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
C. M. Ain Vocals
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Lyrics for the song "Night" taken from a book of poetry entitled "Polemos" by the New Zealand based author known only as Steven.

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