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Celestia > Retrospectra
Celestia - Retrospectra
Celestia discography (misc)
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Release date:
May 2009
Catalog ID:
Apparitia Recordings
None yet
1. A Dying Out Ecstasy 05:33   Show lyrics
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2. A Silent Night in a Silent Castle 03:34   Show lyrics
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3. The Forest Was a Neverending Place 03:03   Show lyrics
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4. Prisoner of a Morbid Cradle 07:08   Show lyrics
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5. Mort d'une vestale 03:01   Show lyrics
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6. Spectra 03:28  
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7. Immortal Floating Shadow 03:22  
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8. Darkness Enfold the Sky 04:05  
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9. Demonic Screaming Entity 03:01  
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10. Infected by Rats 02:09  
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11. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum cover) 05:54   Show lyrics
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12. Prisoner of a Morbid Cradle 07:29   Show lyrics
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13. The Forest Was a Neverending Place 02:59   Show lyrics
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14. A Dying Out Ecstasy 05:46   Show lyrics
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15. Mort d'une vestale 03:00   Show lyrics
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16. Khaos and Pain 01:58  
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17. Infected by Rats 02:34  
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18. Spectra 04:06  
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19. The Dapple Egg (Sabbat cover) 07:09  
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A retrospective of Celestia's musical past with remastered sound. Including "A Cave Full of Bats" MCD, "The Awakening of the Dormant Fianceé" demo, "A Dying out of Ecstasy" demo, also material from the split tape with Evil and other material recorded for the Sabbat LP tribute.

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