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Cathedral > Our God Has Landed (AD 1990-1999)
Cathedral - Our God Has Landed (AD 1990-1999)
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Our God Has Landed (AD 1990-1999)


Release date:
January 18th, 2000
Catalog ID:
MOSH 227
Earache Records
None yet
1. Ebony Tears (Promo Video)  
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2. Autumn Twilight (Promo Video)  
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3. Ride (Promo Video)  
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4. Midnight Mountain (Promo Video)  
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5. Cosmic Funeral (Promo Video)  
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6. Hopkins [Witch Finder General] (Promo Video)  
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7. Stained Glass Horizon (Promo Video)  
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8. Black Sunday (Promo Video)  
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9. Soul Sacrifice (live)   Show lyrics
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10. Equilibrium (live)   Show lyrics
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11. Autumn Twilight (live)   Show lyrics
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12. Frozen Rapture (live)   Show lyrics
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13. A Funeral Request (live)   Show lyrics
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"Our God Has Landed" features eight music video promo clips, live concert footage from 'Live London Astoria March 18th 1992 - The Gods of Grind Tour', and backstage interviews with the band.

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