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Carnifex > Love Lies in Ashes
Carnifex - Love Lies in Ashes
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Love Lies in Ashes


Release date:
November 2006
Catalog ID:
This City Is Burning Records
1 review (avg. 10%)
1. Collaborating Like Killers 04:01   Show lyrics
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2. Slit Wrist Savior 04:25   Show lyrics
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3. Hope Dies with the Decadent 03:53   Show lyrics
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4. Love Lies in Ashes 03:45   Show lyrics
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Read Someone, somewhere, please... 10% autothrall July 19th, 2010

Was only released digitally, never was pressed on CD

According to iTunes, this was re-released on April 2, 2007 through AcropolisRPM, but was self-titled instead of being labeled "Love Lies in Ashes" and the tracks were in this order:
1.Collaborating Like Killers
2.Love Lies in Ashes
3.Slit Wrist Savior
4.Hope Dies With the Decadent (Revised Version)

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