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Carcass > Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment
Carcass - Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment
Carcass discography (demos)
Symphonies of Sickness
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Reek of Putrefaction

Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment


Release date:
September 1987
Catalog ID:
3 reviews (avg. 83%)
1. Genital Grinder 00:50   instrumental
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2. Regurgitation of Giblets 01:56   Show lyrics
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3. Festerday 00:19   Show lyrics
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4. Limb from Limb 01:05   Show lyrics
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5. Rotten to the Gore 02:54   Show lyrics
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6. Excreted Alive 00:55   Show lyrics
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7. Malignant Defecation 01:59   Show lyrics
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8. Fermenting Innards 02:33   Show lyrics
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9. Necro-Cannibal Bloodfeast 01:49   Show lyrics
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10. Psychopathologist 01:29   Show lyrics
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11. Die in Pain 00:11   Show lyrics
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12. Pungent Excruciation 03:04   Show lyrics
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13. Face Meltaaargh 01:16   Show lyrics
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Jeff Walker Bass
Bill Steer Guitars
Ken Owen Drums
Sanjiv Vocals
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- Regular xerox covers
- Recorded onto regular non studio tapes
- Came with the tracklist on a separate piece of paper

All the songs (with the exception of "Die In Pain") were later re-recorded for the band's debut full-length "Reek Of Putrefaction". Some of them changed name: "Limb From Limb" became "Frenzied Detruncation", "Rotten To The Gore" became "Pyosisified (Rotten To The Gore)", "Necro-Cannibal Bloodfeast" became "Feast On Dismembered Carnage" and "Face Meltaaargh" became "Mucopurulence Excretor".

All tracks have been re-released on the 2008 double disc Digipack of "Reek of Putrefaction" (CD) along with "The Pathologist's report, part I - Incubation" (DVD).

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