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Carcariass > Best of Metallian Exclusif!
Carcariass - Best of Metallian Exclusif!

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Best of Metallian Exclusif!


Release date:
March 27th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Cardboard sleeve
Metallian Editions
None yet
1. Watery Grave 04:52   Show lyrics
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2. Tragical End 07:06   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Killing Process 04:02   instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Mortal Climb 04:25   Show lyrics
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5. Chaos and Decay 04:14   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Exulting Pain 06:40   instrumental
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7. Domination 05:15   Show lyrics
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8. Threshold to Madness 05:45   instrumental
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9. Revenger 04:45   Show lyrics
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10. E-Xtinction 07:32   instrumental
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11. Indians Eviction 08:44  
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12. Sideral Torment 07:15  
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Given with the #100 issue of French magazine Metallian.

Tracks 1-4 taken from "Killing Process".
Tracks 5-10 taken from "E-Xtinction".
Tracks 11 & 12 taken from "Hell and Torment".

Recording information:

Tracks 1-4
Recorded and mixed at LB Lab (Lille, France) in September 2001.
Mastered at L'Autre Studio (Paris, France).

Tracks 5-10
Recorded at Carcariass Studio, August 2008.
Mixed at Donkey Shot Studio (Paris, France), November 2008.
Mastered at L'Autre Studio (Vares-Sur-Marne, France), January 2009.

Tracks 11-12
Recorded and mixed at Impuls Studios.
Mastered at Sonic Contact.


Matrix code: CARCARIASS
Mould SID code: IFPI AAZ05

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