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Caed Dhu > W mroku gwiazd...
Caed Dhu - W mroku gwiazd...

Caed Dhu discography (demos)
Promo 2006
Caed Dhu discography (all)
Promo 2006

W mroku gwiazd...

Caed Dhu

Release date:
April 2006
Catalog ID:
T 01
Triumf Productions
None yet
Side A
1. Spirits of the Dead 05:13  
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2. The Prophecy of Caed Dhu 06:06  
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3. W mroku gwiazd... 05:58  
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4. In Nomine Aeternus Veritatis 08:21  
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Side B
5. Ogniste łuny 07:00  
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6. Dla chorych diabłów (For the Sick Devils) 07:56  
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7. Dancing in the Flames 04:12  
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8. Zew 06:20  
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Vincent All instruments, Vocals
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Title is: "In the Murk of the Stars..."

Recording information:

Tracks B3 and B4 are from Promo'06.

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