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Burzum > Hliðskjálf
Burzum - Hliðskjálf

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Release date:
April 26th, 1999
Catalog ID:
AMAZON 021 / EYE 006
Version desc.:
Misanthropy Records
13 reviews (avg. 77%)
1. Tuistos Herz 06:13   Instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Der Tod Wuotans 06:43   Instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Ansuzgardaraiwô 04:28   Instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Die Liebe Nerþus' 02:14   Instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Frijôs einsames Trauern 06:15   Instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Einfühlungsvermögen 03:55   Instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
7. Frijôs goldene Tränen 02:38   Instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
8. Der weinende Hadnur 01:16   Instrumental
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Band members
Varg Vikernes Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Pytten Mastering
Tanya Stene Cover art
Stephen O'Malley Design, Additional art
Varg Vikernes Keyboards
Pytten Mastering
Tanya Stene Cover art
Stephen O'Malley Design, Additional art
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Also released as a digipak and LP.
LP version limited to 1000 copies on gold vinyl. Included a poster of the cover art and 12-page A-5 booklet.

Hliðskjálf is the name of Odin's throne.

Varg used full keyboard sound instead of MIDI this time.

Though there are lyrics in the booklet, the music itself doesn't have any vocals. The text is to inform the reader about what the atmosphere surrounding the songs themselves should be, or rather, what the songs should feel like in general.

Song titles in English are:
1. Tuisto's Heart
2. The Death of Wotan
3. Warriors of Ansuzgarda
4. The Love of Nerthus
5. Frijo's Lonesome Mourns
6. The Power of Empathy
7. Frijo's Golden Tears
8. The Crying Hadnur

The song "Der weinende Hadnur" is a re-recorded version of the song "The Crying Orc" (from 1992 album Burzum).

Recording information:

Recorded during summer 1998.


Barcode: 5028563255021
Matrix / Runout (Variant 1): [DADC logotype] A0100275480-0101 11 A0
Mastering SID Code (Variant 1): IFPI L551
Mould SID Code (Variant 1): IFPI 94G1
Matrix / Runout (Variant 2): [DADC logotype] A0100275480-0101 11 A1
Mastering SID Code (Variant 2): IFPI L551
Mould SID Code (Variant 2): IFPI 94K1
Matrix / Runout (Variant 3): [DADC logotype] A0100275480-0101 11 A2
Mastering SID Code (Variant 3): IFPI L551
Mould SID Code (Variant 3): IFPI 94K4
Matrix / Runout (Variant 4): [DADC logotype] A0100275480-0101 11 A2
Mastering SID Code (Variant 4): IFPI L551
Mould SID Code (Variant 4): IFPI 94Y7

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