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Burzum - Demo I
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Demo II

Demo I


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9 reviews (avg. 74%)
1. Lost Wisdom 04:38   instrumental
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2. Spell of Destruction 05:39   instrumental
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3. Channeling.... 03:27   instrumental
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Varg Vikernes All instruments
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- Xeroxed covers
- Standard tapes

Rehearsal session. All tracks are instrumental.

This demo was released in 1991, but the cover shown here (and on the official Burzum site) was released through Helvete (Euronymous' shop) sometime after the debut album was released, meaning sometime between June the 6th 1992 (the day the church on the cover picture was burned down - a photo from the same series of images taken that day was used as the cover for the Aske EP) and January 1993 (which is when Helvete closed for good).

No one seems to remember whether the 1991 pressing of the demo had artwork at all, or if it just had a handwritten inlay.

Several sites and bootlegs list a fourth track, a hidden "Outro", which also appears on the highly dubious Draugen - Rarities compilation along with other tracks from this demo. This track is a fake, and does not appear on the original demo. It is simply a later album track ("Den´╗┐ onde kysten") presented in very poor and muddy sound quality.

Full title of track 3 is "Channeling the Powers of Souls into a New God".

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