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Buried Beneath > The Last Rays of the Moon
Buried Beneath - The Last Rays of the Moon
Buried Beneath discography (all)
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The Last Rays of the Moon

Buried Beneath

Release date:
Catalog ID:
DTP004CD / UNION 05-97
Dark Trinity Productions
1000 copies
None yet
1. Reveal the Legacy (Intro) 01:22  
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2. A Fate Worse Than Death 06:25  
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3. Remember Salem 05:59  
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4. Make Them Die Slowly 06:09  
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5. Wallowing in Misery 07:07  
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6. Forgotten Not the Natural Splendour 10:05  
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7. Gothic Sorrow (Intro) 01:28  
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8. Into a Depressive Shade of Crimson 05:46  
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9. Spectrum of Impurity 07:51  
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10. In Fields of Green I Wander... 10:41  
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Tim Miller Bass
Shane Kendall Drums except track 4
Mikael Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Drums on track 10
Jason Vandemark Vocals on track 4
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"The Last Rays of the Moon" was originally supposed to be the title of a 7" EP to be released in 1995 by a Slovakian label, which never came out.
CD co-released by Dark Trinity Productions (UK) and Majestic Union (Germany), 1000 copies made (not numbered though).
Tracks 1 - 4 from demo '93 "Vivisect the Virgin Mary".
Tracks 5 - 9 from demo '94 "And This too Shall Pass Away".
Track 10 is the last written Buried Beneath track, recorded in '96 during the sessions for the Night Conquers Day debut album.
All original vocals (except on track 4) were deleted and re-recorded by Mikael from '95 to '97.

Joint release by Dark Trinity Productions and Majestic Union.

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