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Screaming Rock Believers

Bunker 66

Release date:
September 16th, 2014
Catalog ID:
HRR 388 CD
High Roller Records
1 review (avg. 81%)
1. Seduce Me Tonight (Celtic Frost Cover) 03:26  
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2. Another Victim 03:24   Show lyrics
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3. Ghetto Dwellers 03:15   Show lyrics
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4. Screaming Rock Believers 04:31   Show lyrics
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5. On the Prowl 03:22   Show lyrics
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6. Cannons of Satan 02:47   Show lyrics
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7. (She's Got) Demon Eyes 04:17   Show lyrics
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8. Rulin' like a Tyrant 02:56   Show lyrics
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9. Nightdemon 02:32   Show lyrics
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Damien Thorne Bass, Vocals
Dee Dee Altar Drums, Vocals (backing)
Bone Incinerator Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Read Whiskey, Smokes and Necrosis 81% TheStormIRide September 16th, 2014

Recording information:

Recorded between January & May 2014 at Cnosso Recordings Studio.


Barcode: 4260255246929

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