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Ride the Beast


Release date:
Catalog ID:
KR 021
Version desc.:
Karthago Records
None yet
1. She's Got No Heart 05:03   Show lyrics
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2. Backs to the Wall 06:12   Show lyrics
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3. Lady Jane 04:01   Show lyrics
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4. In the Flesh 04:04   Show lyrics
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5. Mother 04:06   Show lyrics
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6. Rock Circus 02:51   Show lyrics
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7. Stocato 05:22   Show lyrics
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8. Take It to the Limit 02:57   Show lyrics
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9. The Answer 05:48   Show lyrics
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10. The Other Side of You 03:33  
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11. If Love Is a Crime 03:43  
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12. Don't Back Down 05:07  
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13. Once Bitten 05:00  
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14. Nobody's Fool 04:43  
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15. Mean Machine 04:53  
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16. Why in Hell? (video)  
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This album is an unreleased studio LP and the bonus tracks are all either tracks from demos or are previously unreleased studio outtakes.

Enhanced Element:
- Why in Hell (video)

Distribution: Twilight.


Barcode: 4 260037 848907
Destribution ID: CD 784-890

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