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Bruce Dickinson - Bruce Dickinson Alive
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Bruce Dickinson Alive

Bruce Dickinson

Boxed set
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Sanctuary Records
None yet
1. Alive in Studio A 58:48  
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2. Alive at The Marquee 01:02:29  
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3. Scream for Me Brazil 01:09:32  
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Miscellaneous staff
Bruce Dickinson Producer
Bruce Dickinson Producer
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CD-1, 2: 1995 - Alive In Studio A / Alive At The Marquee (2005 Expanded edition)
"Alive In Studio A" recorded at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick for an abortive U.S. radio sesseion.
"Alive At The Marquee" recorded at the Marquee in London.

CD-3: 1999 - Scream For Me Brazil (2005 Expanded edition)
"Scream For Me Brazil" recorded in São Paulo, 1999, during the "Chemical Wedding world tour" .

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