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Bruce Dickinson > Bruce Dickinson - Dive! Dive! Live!
Bruce Dickinson - Bruce Dickinson - Dive! Dive! Live!
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Alive in Studio A / Alive at the Marquee Club
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Bruce Dickinson - Dive! Dive! Live!

Bruce Dickinson

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MVN 9912713
Picture Music International
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1. Riding with the Angels (Samson / Russ Ballard cover) 03:56   Show lyrics
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2. Born in '58 03:40   Show lyrics
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3. Lickin' the Gun 03:20   Show lyrics
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4. Gypsy Road 03:59   Show lyrics
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5. Dive! Dive! Dive! 03:43   Show lyrics
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6. Zulu Lulu / Ballad of Mut 07:26   Show lyrics
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7. Son of a Gun 05:55   Show lyrics
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8. Hell on Wheels 03:40   Show lyrics
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9. All the Young Dudes 03:50   Show lyrics
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10. Tattooed Milionaire 04:24   Show lyrics
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11. No Lies 06:20   Show lyrics
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12. Fog on the Tyne / Winds of Change 07:26   Show lyrics
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13. Sin City (AC/DC cover) 04:53   Show lyrics
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14. Bring Your Daugther... To the Slaughter 04:57   Show lyrics
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15. Black Night (Deep Purple cover) 04:11   Show lyrics
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Band members
Andy Carr Bass
Janick Gers Guitars
Dickie Fliszar Drums
Bruce Dickinson Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Jim Yukich Director
Jim Yukich Director
Read Fun! Fun! Fun! 89% Diesel 11 August 13th, 2018

The video was filmed at the Town & Country Club in LA the 14th of August at the end of the "Tattooed Millionaire" US club tour in 1990. The video was directed by Jim Yukich (known for his work with Iron Maidens "Live After Death") and the personnel were the same as on "Tattooed Millionaire", except that Dickie Fliszar handled the drum duties.

The material consists of practically all material from the "Tattooed Millionaire" sessions (except "Darkness Be My Friend" from the "All the Young Dudes" single) including "Bring Your Daughter..."). The set also included some cover songs the band did on the tour, Deep Purple's "Black Night", AC/DC's "Sin City". They had previously done Free's "Wishing Well" on the European leg of the tour and in the US this one was replaced by "Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter". "Riding With The Angels" is a song Bruce originally performed with Samson and is a Russ Ballard cover.


Barcode: 5 099999 127138

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