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Broken Dagger > Madness Approaching
Broken Dagger - Madness Approaching
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Chain of Command

Madness Approaching

Broken Dagger

Release date:
April 24th, 2004
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Version desc.:
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1. The Call 02:26  
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2. By Blood & Right 09:24   Show lyrics
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3. The Way of the Crown 06:34   Show lyrics
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4. Under the Spell 06:18   Show lyrics
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5. Code: Broken Dagger 03:56  
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6. Traces of Pain 06:26   Show lyrics
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7. Chains of Insanity 06:21   Show lyrics
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8. Path of Nevermore 04:09   Show lyrics
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9. Rise of the Machines 09:17   Show lyrics
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Jeremy Child Drums, Vocals (backing)
Magnus Wohlfart Guitars (lead), Bass, Vocals (backing)
Niklas Olausson Vocals (lead)
Jonas Fröberg Guitars (rhythm)
Urban "Ubi-Wan" Månsby Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Read Broken Dagger - Madness... 70% Phuling April 23rd, 2008

20 copies ("Black Diamond Edition") were made for the gig at Mejeriet, Lund, 24th April 2004.

Later the demo were remixed and released ("Regular Edition") in May 2004.

Recording information:

Recorded at The Dungeon, Hjärup, Sweden, March / April 2004.

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